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by kukluxknievel

submitted March 3rd 2012

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conversation starter
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phimosis FTW
6 years ago
ok I get the phimosis, but whats up with the green turd?
6 years ago
/me googles.

/me regrets googling
6 years ago
That might start a conversation but I personally wouldn't conversate with this guy for anything.
6 years ago
OMG! That's just wrong on so many levels.
I mean, really? Who buys a Wii?
6 years ago
The negative comments are more disturbing than the picture. What nerve you have even being on this website and then making OMG! comments; reallY? are you...no...you are a hypocrite so fuck off
6 years ago
that's a first comment to be proud of, ericwingrove
6 years ago
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