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Nice Guns?

who needs fire power with guns like these


by Ram_Z

submitted March 2nd 2012

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Nice Guns?
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For guns like them, you need synthol, syringes and needles.
6 years ago
i wanna pop em with a needle and hear that ssssssssssss sound
6 years ago
why is it peple always take something simmple and perhaps in moderation a nice enhancement and mke it into some extremem deformity/mutation thing?

same with boob jobs plastic surgery in general, tanning, piercings, kissy faces... ect
6 years ago
Just spent the last 5 looking at jacked up users in youtube. One has a crazy lumps like a half tennis balls on his normal sized arms, where his biceps are. You really have to wonder what these guys think of themselves when posting pics online thinking they're the shit.
6 years ago
gross. up vote
6 years ago
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