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Extreme no rod fishing.



by KFCwhereIwannBE

submitted March 2nd 2012

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I was hoing one of these fucks stabbed the other with their weapons.
5 years ago
I was disappointed with the lack of serious injury as well.
5 years ago
Took me three seconds to upvote. "The dream catchuhhhhhhh!"
5 years ago
That laugh at 2:31 ....
5 years ago
It's ELMO!
5 years ago
carp got to be the dumbest fucking fish ever. cant even eat the bitches
5 years ago
because they eat shit and kelp so they taste like fishy shit and kelp.
5 years ago
Must have been a slow day on Mucho for this to finally make it out of the cesspool.
5 years ago
Upvote for the soundtrack.
5 years ago
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