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12 oz Mouse 9 lb Hammer

Outta my way, I'm drunk as hell! I'll blow your ass away like I'm ringin' a bell. Foot's to the floor,and the whiskey is flowin', I got a porn shoot I gotta get it goin' You don't understand, I don't give a damn. 12 oz. Mouse! 12 oz. Mouse! Jet car's rollin' in all night long, Crankin' up the jams and singin' along, Cars full of bitches and a brand new bong!

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by BauneeLove

submitted March 2nd 2012

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Hmmmm I was expecting to see a mouse get smashed with a hammer...
6 years ago
9lb Hammer's the band. The question is are y'all ready for............... CHICKENFOOT?
6 years ago
... a bauneelove post that i am upvoting?
is...... this bizarromucho
6 years ago
It's negafriday
6 years ago
prove you and woolph aren't the same person or follow this fine advice:

6 years ago
yea...........this is just the lame intro to that 12oz mouse show......
6 years ago
Not the Toolman Vs Rodent death I was expecting.
6 years ago
12oz mouse sucked!
6 years ago
Coarse - a. Lacking in delicacy or refinement: coarse manners. b. Vulgar or indecent: coarse language.
6 years ago
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