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Pellet removal

One down, two more to go.


by fluffernutter

submitted February 29th 2012

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Fuck the gentle tweezers, just get a knife and pop it out.
6 years ago
Right? That should've taken about 4seconds to do.
6 years ago
Fucking needle-nose pliers.
6 years ago
Fucking pussy, i've picked bigger scabs easier.
6 years ago
he needs to cut those nails
6 years ago
his wife or whatever was pulling them out while he filmed it
6 years ago
wook at da boo boo on da poo widdew babey... thanks for pulling that out mom *sniffle* can i have a hug
6 years ago
i shot my friend on the ass with one of those high powered air rifles like 7 years ago. i think 1400 FPS. we didnt think it broke skin, but he told me a few months ago they saw it in an xray
6 years ago
They x-rayed his ass?
6 years ago
That guys leg looked like an old alley cat.

A friend of mine shot his younger sister in the head with a pelletgun once; she still has a dent in her forehead from it 20 years later.
6 years ago
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