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thank god almighty were free at last/ we can step out the closet and take it up the ass i have a dream that oneday whites and blacks/ latinos and asians all bare back like lets get it crackin the partys at my place/ ill supply the ky and and the condums to be safe hsg gots your back/ we dont play them little boy games u know that when these vatos come to party shit be goin down/ homo thugs suround the whole mutha fuckin town rollin hella deep cause homie sexuals just dont sleep/ we be down for the creep and earn our keep so why does it matter that we like men/ its time to unite and take pride with your friends take advantage of this opportunity youve been given/ why should we have to be forced to find love in prison the man is just tryin to keep us down/ they want to prevent gay thugs from fooling around - ima tell u a story bout my time in a cell/ rollin with the norte card raising hell i did the crime and the time yet i felt/ that it was my perfect opportunity to go under the belt do u know what i mean/ im talkin about griping a frime dick and sucking it til it creams those are my kodak momories/ i wish i had pics because yal aint even knowing bout the pinta dick its so long and thick/ fucked me like a animal than fucked me like a chick u see thats exactly what im sayin though/ my best memories are inside the prison doors in the pinta i wasnt feared of gettign attacked/ couldnt wait for dick in my ass crack ----------------------------------------------------- nortenos wont tell u because their scarred of nf/ but if we told u the truth wed sya gay sex is the best we all have them man on man desires/ if they say anythign different than their just liars every norteno and sureno is gay to a point/ thats why they leave there hynas to do time in the joint if that dont open your eyes than let me tell u this/ fuck what u heard ima tell u how it is eme and familias beef started in the 50's/ over a pair of high heels lip stick and panties vatos from the nortecame up on silky smooth/ panties thats were than stolen by the sur so obviously the nortenos got heated/ those panties costed over 600 cigerattes that was alot fedia back in the days/ he wasnt goin that route he said fuck the trece ------------------------------------------------------- so he told his celly what hes bout to do/ his cell mate was down and said bring me to so they headed to the cell in a book cart/ with 2 shanks hidden in their asses just to be smart it only took them a second to take out their blades/ cause they werse looser than a pencil in a hallway so they rushed that foo and gave him a colombian neck tie/ grabed the panties and left the homeboy there to die needless to say nfs light turned green/ ever sicne then the norte and surs been fighting the youngsters on the streets dont know what their fighting for/ all they know is the blue red south and the north


by kvlt666

submitted February 27th 2012

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Fuck you.
6 years ago
i concur; Fuck you.
6 years ago
so, is there a limit to the video description or not? hard to tell if it was cut off or finished.
6 years ago
i dont know but this is the longest description ever for a post on this site.
6 years ago
i couldn't tell if the description ended or got cut off
6 years ago
kind of weird that this is the only result for "forced to fuck ass"

pervspy is so useful.
6 years ago
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