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Salad Fingers enjoys nettles


by DrewPeacock

submitted February 24th 2012

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This, is so strange ...
6 years ago
agreed, first time I've seen these cartoons. Thank fuck I'm not high, the way he talks kinda freaks me out a little.
6 years ago
6 years ago
this animation series has been around for awhile...Almost as old as the internet itself.
6 years ago
Still its not on Mucho, and its nice to show new people the wonder that is Salad Fingers.
Now if only it wasn't youtube embedded.
6 years ago
I was also surprised that it was not on MS already, great demented stuff so... inspirational
6 years ago
salad fingers? the creator of salad fingers used to be a member here and would post them actually... but they might have been 'flash'
6 years ago
Neat! Would love to read the comments from back then, even if the flashes are gone.
6 years ago
oddly enough if memory serves me right.. not many mucho people even liked his shit...
the comments from back then unfortunately are gone gone gone because of faggotface admin
6 years ago
Stupid Admin.
6 years ago
How could someone not like poor little Salad fingers he is so beautiful.
6 years ago
yak- yeah, those animations were posted in flash. I remember seeing them here first if my memory serves me right. This stuff is mucho worthy.
6 years ago
thats just your local speed freak these days
6 years ago
Love me some Salad Fingers. Some of the other Fat-Pie stuff is decent too.
5 years ago
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