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I don't know. Fuck you.


by Gottlos

submitted February 23rd 2012

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Yes. Yes you do.
6 years ago
lol the scream at the end...
I can't upvote a youtube link but il find and upvote something else you posted instead.
6 years ago
sadly, most people have given up downloading...it is a travesty
6 years ago
They're just retards, it not as if it's hard to do.
6 years ago
or you could just get download helper, which gives a beautiful unregistered watermark. even better, get ant video downloader. now, ant video downloader is pretty hard to find, install, and use. to find it, you have to go to ant.com/video-downloader (pretty complicated, right?) now, get this...to install it, you have to click install, and to use it, you have to actually click on a little installed arrow and select the video your are watching. practically impossible to do....
6 years ago
that was downloadhelper...I've never had a watermark, the watermark is from 'download and convert'
6 years ago
never get that watermark either.
Sometimes when I try to upload video files they don't work, then i use a free program called 'handbrake' to easily convert them to mp4 format for easy uploading.
6 years ago
which megaman game is this from?? and what level?????
6 years ago
Megaman 2, the first level in Wily's Castle. I think...
6 years ago
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