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Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre

Any evil bastards out there who still support this mass murder... Don't forget to enlist, and the sooner, the better.


by TiredGuy

submitted November 9th 2005

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This is a rather disturbing video. To see ANY human die these ways and for no reason
12 years ago
I wonder

What if an alien is watching the earth condition and how stupid humans can be towrds each others.

What would it think?
12 years ago
Bullshit you motherfucking cocksucker!!! I was there!!! I fought in Fallujah! The 1st./506-RCT was one of the first fucking units to enter Fallujah and start clearing houses! This fucking faggot is lying! This is bullshit, never were we ordered to shoot anything that moved or children! Fuck this little bitch talking to the brit. That fucking dude is a goddamn lier!
9 years ago
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