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Vampires Heart with stake

Heart ofAuguste Delagrange


by Squidley

submitted February 20th 2012

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Vampires Heart with stake
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pretty interesting piece of art... by the looks of it its nothing more than that tho from what i've found.... 'story' has it that he killed over 40 people and him and his 'minions' were 'hunted' down and killed about 110 years ago...
yet no real sites exist with any evidence of this
still kinda cool tho
6 years ago
It can't be real. The Heart is in too good of a shape.
6 years ago
pretty much exactly what i said squid when i showed it and the other sites i found info about it on to deja
6 years ago
I'm sure there are resins or something that could preserve it like this.
6 years ago
the problem is if you search for that name.. theres no actual stories or anything about him being a 'vampire'
except on places specifically talking about this heart
so... hoax
6 years ago
6 years ago
fus ro dah!
6 years ago
5 years ago
dr acula, the donor heart has arrived
6 years ago
I read on wikipedia that serial killers inspired the belief in werewolves and Vampires. In his day this guy may have been considered a vampire even though vampires don't exist.
6 years ago
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