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kick knockout



by cryax

submitted February 9th 2012

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7 years ago
hes so hardcore his ride outta the park weighs 3lbs.
7 years ago
I hate sucker punches

but this guy is a tard. when someone is two inches from your face screaming at you, get ready to put your hands up...

7 years ago
Agreed, kay. Nice form on the kick though, wasn't it?
7 years ago
Yeah mako, sweet connection.
7 years ago
Good connection, but his arms were flailing all over the place.
7 years ago
beautiful camera work. nice and steady. right on the action
7 years ago
Dont walk up on someone all hard and not be ready to be punched.
7 years ago
too bad the link failed
7 years ago
Vote swap...
7 years ago
6 years ago
4 years ago
* possum snorks *
4 years ago
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