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Why Women Hate The Gynecologist

Ladies, be sure to use the comments to reminisce about your own gyno visits...nothing guys love more than hearing about that.


by tr_willk

submitted February 9th 2012

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I wish mine had hand puppets :(
6 years ago
*heavy lifting skills
6 years ago
lol possum
6 years ago
She should have just opened the valve on the bitch's face.
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, you frightened me."
6 years ago
what show is this from?
6 years ago
Man Stroke Woman
6 years ago
Barret, you are a bastard.
6 years ago
That doc is cute ... and crazy ... with a solid income and no fear of genitals - definitely a keeper (unless she is lesbian).
6 years ago
True story.....
My first trip to the gyno.....

15, mom says I'm going to see her Dr. Shes a really nice lady, and everything will be fine....
What she neglects to tell me is that she had also made an appointment for herself....
I'm Laying on the bed, half scared, half excited, this crazy woman comes in with bride of Frankenstein hair, shakes my hand, and says "I just finished up your mothers exam in the room next door! You know you have the same smile."

6 years ago
What about the vag...does it smell the same?
6 years ago
She didn't say....

I can still see her giant tower of frizzy gray hair between my legs...

* Jenbirdy shudders violently *
6 years ago
Giant Tower Of Frizzy Gray Hair would be an excellent name for a screamo band
6 years ago
Actually, I think you're right....

* Jenbirdy makes phone call to douchey screaming record label *
6 years ago
I've heard a lot of chicks prefer male gynos. The female ones can be a little careless, less accomodating, more rude, and just plain eccentric. Something about chicks and science don't mix right.
6 years ago
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