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Cinnamon and blood?


by QuickandSloppy

submitted February 7th 2012

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I don't know if he'd suck a dick or not, but I bet he'd hold one in his mouth.
6 years ago
The shit people do for their minute of fame.
6 years ago
skip to 0:50 to not listen to the faggot 'set up' the scene
6 years ago
glad those links work.
6 years ago
:( should have looked here first
6 years ago
"oh my got oh my god"
6 years ago
I hope he died.
6 years ago
hahahahahahaahah that was an awesome punchline
6 years ago
I've done this a lot. It lowers your blood sugar.
6 years ago
title should have been "emos and blood"
6 years ago
I want to crush his skull in just for that hat
5 years ago
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