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NASA Engineer Reveals Space Secret


by pedrobeara

submitted February 5th 2012

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"It's like getting angry at the sunshine"
That's the way I feel about dik
6 years ago
"It's like being jealous of a bag of sand"
That's why I can't be mad at Zeke.
6 years ago
"It's like I'm walking on sunshine"
You guys remember that?
3 years ago
I thought this was a serious video at first.
6 years ago
nice boobs
6 years ago
i am jealous of a bag of sand :(
6 years ago
6 years ago
there are no cats in space. thats just plain stupit.
6 years ago
How do you know there isn't? gotta have some faith
6 years ago
who the fuck thinks shit like this is funny??
6 years ago
wtf is this shit....lame ass
6 years ago
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