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Cops Beat Up Old Man


by fabsjr420

submitted February 4th 2012

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Fuck cops. Dumber and more violent every year... but then again so is the rest of America...
6 years ago
^america fetish
6 years ago
no sound?
6 years ago
That's how it was on the original video
6 years ago
*unnecessary force
6 years ago
had to be a white neighborhood or half the city would have been out there with their cameraphones
6 years ago
Melbourne police officer Derek Middendorf turned off his dash cam before stepping out of his patrol car and kicking a mild-mannered 66-year-old man with dementia in the groin.

The hulking cop then fell on top of the feeble Albert Flowers, punching and choking him repeatedly while a fellow officer ran up and tased him in the face.

When they were done beating Flowers, they charged him with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.

He remained hospitalized for a month.

Meanwhile, the police department was able to retrieve the video from the hard drive, even though Middendorf had turned it off.

They issued him a written reprimand for turning off the camera.

Middendorf said he was in fear for his life.
6 years ago
give him a medal for taking a crazy old man off the streets!!!
6 years ago
Yeah, saw this on the local news a while back. Brevard county has shithead cops.
6 years ago
Also, the next cop on camera tazed the old man in the face. Glad 4 piggies showed up to take down this threat to society. I feel safer.
6 years ago
How did they retrieve a video that was never recorded in the first place?
6 years ago
When a cop beats somebody the video is allways muted......i wonder why
6 years ago
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