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Cold Fish

Like the pool to the hot tub


by ClaudeBallz

submitted February 4th 2012

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6 years ago
Lets throw someone on here in and see if it works.
6 years ago
How about the one who downvoted it?
6 years ago
Meh, he's too easy Tooly.

What do you have planned for the SuperBowl?
6 years ago
Got up and had my coffee. went outside and started another trench for more stone on my retaining wall. Went down to the club for the weekly dollar book, which got hit for $2,256.00 because he was there for the drawing and got the whole thing. Came home and and ate some late lunch and took a shower and now I'm drinking my blue Busch and waiting for the game. Got some new hot sauce for the wings and fries I'll make for dinner. YOU?
6 years ago
I think I'm having internet problems tonight, they're either downloading real slow or not at all. I'll watch it later.
6 years ago
There it goes.

My buddy had an inground pool and every winter, they'd drain it about three quarters of the way down, and he'd throw about a half dozen or so goldfish in to eat the algie, but in January and February, it would freeze solid and every thaw, those fish were alive.
6 years ago
Yeah right...
6 years ago
...I guesds now he is a retarded fish!
6 years ago
6 years ago
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