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bum laying in the street

my friend took this photo not to long ago in downtown los angeles, and if you ever been there, you know how much traffic there is


by cryax

submitted February 3rd 2012

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bum laying in the street
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The last Occupy protester...
6 years ago
He got confused, he thought they were saying occupy 'the' street.
5 years ago
Well, he wins car chicken.
6 years ago
planking is over
6 years ago
I used to see this on Ponce De Leon Avenue in Atlanta Ga a lot. Homeless men do this so that they will get arrested and get three hots and a cot in jail for a week or two.
6 years ago
doesn't look too busy to me
6 years ago
He's waiting for the sign to change to "walk"
6 years ago
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