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Candle holders



by Heybooger

submitted February 3rd 2012

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Candle holders
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is that rope marks around her left tit?
I hope so
6 years ago
Don't forget to check out the right tit.
6 years ago
I never understood BDSM. I thought the point of sex was to actually enjoy yourself. I must be doing it wrong...
6 years ago
BDSM is that grey area that people use as a segway between eroticism and sadism. Don't worry, you're doing it right.... I hope.
6 years ago
I think we can all understand the pain factor, it's just the extremes that are hard to understand. When you get aroused mild pain is oft quite enjoyable, like bites in the earlobes, neck, stretching the forehead real hard, etc etc . Some people just seem to enjoy more pain then others. What is harder to understand (for me) is enjoying to be degraded ... I don't like to be degraded, and I don't like to degrade people i love or have sex with.
6 years ago
There are actually several levels and types of actual relationships in the kink community. Dominant/submissive, Master/slave, switches.. Sadism/masochism, Top/bottom, have more to do with a scene and can be fluffy and fun, or very hard core. The hard scenes tend to cause the bottom's mind to disconnect from the pain the body endures creating what is called 'sub-space'. It is a floaty feeling that can be border on a euphoric state. Certain items like Shibari (rope), Fire (massage and cupping), and Violet Wands (electricity) deal a lot with energy, and sensation play. They are also generally highly erotic (or can be). -- But, to be clear. BDSM and sex are not one in the same. They can be connected, but it actually isn't the norm.
6 years ago
Damn, dude. You need to write a book.

In peripheral topics, I had a single mom that I was hooking up with a few years back off and on. She was trying EXTREMELY hard to pull me into a world of weird and uncomfortable things that eventually, I had to flat out refuse to do. It started with her wanting to blow me at my job after I closed the store and sent all the employees home and ended with her (no joke) begging for me to pee on her. As with Loweiken, I am against degrading someone, especially to that extent. However, I still to this day don't understand why she desperately wanted to be dominated, and in some cases, humiliated during anything sexual. I always assumed it's because her first several sexual experiences were disturbing. That or her uncle fucked her as a kid. What's your diagnosis, Qreatin?
6 years ago
Too much reading about sex. Not enough sex.
6 years ago
@stddlm42: 3 common causes that I see in the BDSM world: 1st: low self esteem. She feels that she isn't worth anything and wants to be degraded to fit her self imaged role. I avoid them at all costs. They are time sucking, soul stealing, crazy bitches that want to be broken down so they become dependant and clingy as fuck on you.

The other option could be that she has a powerful job all day ( where she's in control) and when that's done she just wants to let go of all that power. (called a power exchange) and become nothing so she doesn't have to think about work, etc.

finally it could just be that she likes being controlled and dominated like a slut because it lets her fulfil a "dirty girl " image while still being safe.

and I don't know anything really. Just practice the lifestyle and share what I know.
6 years ago
I'm saving this one for the comments.
5 years ago
... and those candles are hold in place by the level of "her"/his erection?
6 years ago
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