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Mmm Noodles

Another one for Team Puke


by TheFunk

submitted February 2nd 2012

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That was awesome. Doubly awesome because they video taped him rather than doing anything to keep him from choking on his own vomit. SUCCESS!
6 years ago
that's whats happens when you're 14 and you drink A bear and eat buttered noodles
6 years ago
I hate when I drink bears.
6 years ago
stop with this ursinine humor
6 years ago
That must have been the shrimp flavored Ramon noodles, they suck.
6 years ago
FWI, don't eat beef cup-o-noodles if you're drunk. Just a bad mix.
6 years ago
Jack Black sex tape; director's cut
6 years ago
That would have smelt divine.
6 years ago
speaking of.
6 years ago
Now I want ramen
6 years ago
hahah "you ok man" it was fucking C.O.
6 years ago
I am scarred for life, after seeing this.

* PunkyBruiser will(prep)crush up all ramen noodles from now on, before cooking. *
5 years ago
Have you tried chewing?
4 years ago
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