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Fur is Dead


by tr_willk

submitted January 30th 2012

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Fur is Dead
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Fuck PETA.

That is all.
6 years ago
Fuck You
6 years ago
Yea, no hunting, no pets, animals have full rights, sounds great to me.

Fuck you, too.
6 years ago
at least peta is number 1 in making and distributing animal gore-porn and they put down more animals then any shelter
6 years ago
I did a research project back in High School about PETA. It's absolutely shocking the kinds of things they do, support, and make public.
6 years ago
"Fur is dead."

Well, yes. Most animals wont keep still well enough to be worn (possible exception: sloths)
6 years ago
Or keep still enought to skin them.
6 years ago
I wonder if they eat meat though?
5 years ago
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