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pretty hot rap video

just as good as Chris Brown?


by JerkStore

submitted January 29th 2012

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Them spitting Busta's verse was hilarious. When you said "Pretty Hot" in the title, didn't you mean, only the left half of the video? Also, during the 3rd verse both of these white girls said "Nigga" multiple times. Have a nice day.
6 years ago
Agreed. I would only stick it to the 12 year-old on the left also.
6 years ago
hi jerks...member what you said to me way back when?

ta fucking daah

6 years ago
What'd he say?
Ah Jerkstore, remember the good ol days when we were in The Gert Jonnys together?
6 years ago
I can't recall what I said Poss. I'm not a lonely old man that clings on to every insult. Anyway, does it really matter?

Gert Johnnys forever man.
6 years ago
it was a compliment, sir
6 years ago
damn these kids and their attention-spans
6 years ago
I couldn't remember if we were on good terms or not, so I just went with it
6 years ago
Hey JerkStore, how was jail?
6 years ago
I shanked a guy
6 years ago
hahahahaha....way to be queso
5 years ago
they obviously want Weezy's dick
6 years ago
any 12 year-old from Jackson Miss does I reckon
6 years ago
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