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Siamese twin photoshop


Siamese twins cheek to cheek


by Squidley

submitted January 29th 2012

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Siamese twin photoshop
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ha ha ha this is funny.
6 years ago
Always wanted to bang a pair of conjoined twins, but they are hard to find to begin with, and then add in the odds of finding some you would want to fuck. I would take these two.
6 years ago
I had misgivings about posting this fake pic. These two girls are having enough problems without some asshole photoshopping a dick between their cheeks. From what I understand these girls were actually able to finish college and get two separate degrees. They are doing great when one takes into consideration all the problems they're facing. I ownder if they date? It would be like fucking two woman on a wedding night or a make out session. They have different personalities and iit will be hard for them to find Mr. Right even if they can attract a man. These are good girls and they would make great parents.

Like I said I'm kinda sorta sorry I posted this. I doubt if they would approve and they deserve better.
6 years ago
She looks fierce in that hat
4 years ago
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