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Carlton dance

Dancing like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air on top of a M1068 in full gear, while MLRS rockets fly behind


by brownwings

submitted January 26th 2012

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50,000 troops walking toward the enemy doing this would win the war.
6 years ago
but they need to blare this song too.
6 years ago
Might as well have fun when you're trying to kill people.
6 years ago
best way to kill time when you're not killing people
6 years ago
Upvote for obvious epicness.
6 years ago
This is brilliant.
6 years ago
unlike your comments
6 years ago
I wasn't aware that you are the comment judging police. Who appointed you to that position?

in other words, go douche with some earl grey.
6 years ago
Don't you fucking dare waste tea like that, fries!!
6 years ago
* dwhill05 throws bags of tea *
6 years ago
Like I always say, you have to always have fun in everything that you do.
6 years ago
Upvote for tom jones/carlton
Downvote for baby killer
So I'll abstain
6 years ago
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