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I'm a Tree

Silly wrestlers


by Crashninja

submitted January 23rd 2012

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I'm a Tree
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The only way a wrestler could ever use his head.
6 years ago
yeah pretty much
6 years ago
That man is a wrestler!
And you just can't stand it.
So you pretend to be
A member of Animal Planet.
6 years ago
But...I am technically a member, I guess.
6 years ago
could care less for wrestling however they certainly are tough sob's cause i tried to be a wrestler once it only took one move -falling backwards onto the mat with chin on chest to realize wrestling is not for me that is not a trampoline thats a good inch or two of wood underneath my back hurt for 2 weeks also most of the wrestlers that battle each other half the time they ride together to the matches worked at t & a wrestling for a few years
6 years ago
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