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Filipino Traffic Cop

I'm surprised at the lack of car crashes caused by this flamer.


by Jones

submitted January 22nd 2012

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Are you sure that isn't kaychuk?
6 years ago
i dance better
6 years ago
Haha, I fucking love you Kaychuk.
6 years ago
Kaychuk isn't Pilifino
6 years ago
6 years ago
At least this might make some people laugh.
6 years ago
Theres a guy who loves his job. i wish more people could/would dance at their job. people would be much happier.
6 years ago
JEA has enough problems as it is. If I found out my power was shut down because some jack off was dancing at the work site and fell into a transformer, power lines, reactor, etc. I swear I would.... have to move to a different county and I don't want to do that.
6 years ago
are you a bad enuff dood?
6 years ago
You ain't bad. You ain't nothin'!
6 years ago
nothing wrong in enjoying your job i suppose.
6 years ago
Its probably best to keep small children away from him just as a precaution. Who knows what else he is copying from MJ.
6 years ago
wait what does that mean...shit i ran him over.
5 years ago
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