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Degenerate, by imaflippinyouoff


I am just trying to help you weak, under-endowed pale guys (like me) to prepare for being a white minority in this country and turn gay like the Republicans to please your black masters. Like Newt and other Gay Old Partyers have preached, Gayness is a choice! You can choose to be gay! And you can choose to like it! (LMGAO!) Otherwise the physically superior black man might squash your flat cracker asses to an even flatter dimension and take away your ability to play fantasy football and other games where you can pretend that you can actually compete with them. You may now commence to whine and threaten me with massive imaginary point deductions for trying to help you. You know who you are.


by sissymarky

submitted January 20th 2012

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I'm sorry, but that just doesn't look like it's any fun.
6 years ago
Fries : Thats not your penis
6 years ago
What the fuck does that even mean? Guess you had to be there.
Fuck off Barret.
5 years ago
* thecandiru yawns* *
6 years ago
* possum takes advantage *
6 years ago
* thecandiru bites *
6 years ago
Like that taste huh?
6 years ago
I like your new avatar Taron!
6 years ago
Made it to 00:05.
6 years ago
I'm learnig from previous posts what to expect anymore.
6 years ago
I just wait for the replies and base my judgement on them
6 years ago
looks like a pain in the ass.
6 years ago
It doesn't sound like there's a muchosign in this video...you were warned, heffron. sounds like every single one of your future submissions need to be ignored...no comments, no votes, nothing. the last thing i want to see is some loser posting pics and vids of some other loser.
6 years ago
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