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A Gang Of Chinese People Beat On Two Little Chinese Boys In The Street

this sort of "street justice" for thieves seems to be fairly common


by tr_willk

submitted January 20th 2012

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The cops do nothing and that's ok, but if they were American cops, they would have been ridiculed for doing nothing, do I have that right?
7 years ago
Dude, these people were dox'd and arrested within days.
7 years ago
our cops would have pulled out ther side arms and pointed it right in there face and backed them up, and if they diddnt listen, a bullet, or pepper spray, tazer, or club to the head would have been delt. our cops are scary they have the power to ruin your life.
7 years ago
ruin our life*
7 years ago
Shut the fuck up tool, you dickhead.
6 years ago
Ha ha ha Ha ha Haaaaaaaaaaa
6 years ago
i dont mind some crappy street justice where they kinda kick them lightly in the butt. thats more humiliation than "abuse" im all for that.
7 years ago
Yea, they're probably purse snatchers or seomthing like that.
7 years ago
Fucking zipperheads.
6 years ago
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