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World’s Largest Garment Made From Spider Silk

This shawl, woven from the silk of more than a million golden orb spiders, native only to Madagascar, now holds the title of the world's largest women's garment made from spider silk. It was made by twisting three strands of silk together, then twisting three of those together to make the thread, then woven together using century-old weaving techniques. Then someone accidentally made it kinda look like a vag.


by LucesDarkness

submitted January 19th 2012

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World’s Largest Garment Made From Spider Silk
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this is likely a photograph to scale... not impressive at all.
6 years ago
now this is muchoworthy...
6 years ago
I agree
6 years ago
if you think this is what a vagina looks like, you might be a virgin
6 years ago
I'd rather see a real one.
6 years ago
Imagine all the flies that would stick to that.
6 years ago
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