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budd dwyer jr.

Hey man nice shot


by Lightningfish

submitted January 19th 2012

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Those who live by the sword...get shot in the face.
6 years ago
'the gun was pointed at the back of his head'

really? cause that looked a whole fucking lot like he pointed it under his chin and blew his fucking head off...
6 years ago
somebody fucked up writing that copy
6 years ago
Hey, it WAS pointed at the back of his head.

The rest of his head was just in the way.
6 years ago
dr smerf throwin it down
6 years ago
I believe fries had something to do with this.
6 years ago
you think i told him to it
6 years ago
I'm thinking that he met you the day before and couldn't take anymore penis conversation.
6 years ago
i dont just talk about penis
6 years ago
he acts on it
6 years ago
Inconsiderate fucktard. Someone had to clean that shit up. I you want to die then go kill yourself on the ocean and the fish will take care of the rest
6 years ago
Horrible suicide accident more like it
5 years ago
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