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Samsung window


by fabsjr420

submitted January 17th 2012

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How would you enter text? On-screen keyboard or an external one?
6 years ago
sure you could have various ways... even have entry via smartphone or other mobile device...
but the main use for things like this is media consumption not media publishing in my opinion
6 years ago
I'd hope that eventually voice recognition could catch up to make this a much more interactive experience. Basically, I'm looking to get to the world of Johnny Mnemonic.
6 years ago
well then just take it a step further into reading brain patterns... they already have controllers and such that can do that... its the logical next step if you can just think things and the computer starts doing them
but voice recognition should be quite easy.... i mean dragon naturally speaking is pretty much awesome now... and google and apple both have good voice activation that neither developed but they bought the companies who have good stuff
6 years ago
Gonna be embarrassing when you're controlling the internet with your brain & you suddenly switch to motherless.com
6 years ago
Moherless is such a great place...

its like if mucho took a giant wet mexican tacobell shit on the floor... puked on it rubbed it allover the face of a crackwhore killed that whore put her in the trunk and the whore died of heat exhaustion.
6 years ago
jealous much, morph?
4 years ago
also efuct, its good.
4 years ago
1 year ago
So...the question begs...why not set this up in front of an ACTUAL WINDOW instead of having a fake town on the other side?
6 years ago
trade show pretty sure its meant to be an actual window
6 years ago
Hey, I've got an idea. Double pane windows. They're a lot cheaper, and they wont wear out like a screen eventually will.

I have a phone and a computer for the rest of that stuff.
6 years ago
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