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What the SMURF?!

For those of you who saw the picture posted the other day, I figured I would dig up the video (a decent quality video unlike most of the slideshows floating around it seems).. Anyway, heres the new UNICEF Smurf Holocaust commercial...


by yak

submitted October 13th 2005

what do you think? let everyone know!
not muchoworthyMako
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First ... pwnd
9 years ago
Yeh except this was posted in 2005 ...

And you haven't 'pwned' anyone.
9 years ago
welcome to muchosucko...
9 years ago
Welcome, Product82.

Now fuck off!
9 years ago
hi there sir..i'm sort of like the greeter around here so let me just say..welcome to muchosucko..we're a friendly bunch here..so feel free to join in the conversation any time at all...again..welcome
9 years ago
i'm just kidding go fuck yourself
9 years ago
Hai Karate!
9 years ago
i see how having the banhammer and taking out an unsuspecting noob at the welcome could be a very entertaining event
9 years ago
ya i know huh?
9 years ago
fuck you you disgusting noob!
9 years ago
Hey P82 A/S/L
9 years ago
do not answer ^that!!
9 years ago
The golden rule FUCK THE FIRST FAG!!!
7 years ago
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