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30-story building built in 15 days

i wonder how much these dudes cost to hire, pretty impressive considering it takes most american contractors to build a 30 story 2 years


by cryax

submitted January 7th 2012

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and 10 years for the piece of shit to fall apart
7 years ago
When you have 6 billion workers at your disposal working 24/7, anythings possible. I wonder how many died in the process with their profiecent labor laws that they have in China.
7 years ago
I viewed it in slow motion, didn't see anyone that died.
5 years ago
Alittle meth has never killed anyone
5 years ago
china has a shit load of meth to go around..the clock.
5 years ago
around....... wait for it......... the clock
5 years ago
Bullshit.....this is a prefab, count the days it took to pre assemble everything,
6 years ago
look at the crane wiggling about on top. Screw being a crane operative.
5 years ago
Hey look! We built the most incredibly boring building out of pre-fab in 15 days!
5 years ago
I want to know how you get the crane off the top.
5 years ago
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