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Cooking Goat head, then eating it!

Cooking and eating Goat head.


by giss32

submitted January 2nd 2012

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Comedy cooking at its best.
6 years ago
Meh, once you've seen one skinned animal head you've seen them all. I don't need to watch this geriatric fuck chop potatoes.
6 years ago
Leave Bieber alone!
6 years ago
id like to try that.
6 years ago
Me too. I'd try anything at least once.
6 years ago
The potatoes look boss anyway.
6 years ago
When he served it, he touched it with his hands, I'd've smacked the fucker for that. Once it's on my plate, don't touch that shit.
6 years ago
I thought the chef was going to have an orgasm when he ate the eyeball.
6 years ago
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