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You cheeky Monkey

How we goin to get him down



submitted January 1st 2012

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so, this fucking camerman has one job to do...film a fucking monkey on some powerlines...the monkey gets electrocuted and where is this fuckface pointing his camera?

he should be fired, deported, and get divorced for this travesty.
7 years ago
just so you know this tr noob is the biggest horseshit squinter ive seen since adams...dont ever believe this noob
7 years ago
richard, you are the most beloved mucho member. of course everyone cares what you think about every single subject. please share more of your thoughts with us.
7 years ago
i dont care for what richard thinks.....
7 years ago
who the hell is richard
7 years ago
7 years ago
7 years ago
If you take a look at the dead monkey on the ground, check out his facepalm.
7 years ago
The Monkey's Palm.
7 years ago
and they had a picnic, ate the monkey, and there was much rejoicing
6 years ago
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