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X3 is your only hope, pervert

Who will be your accountability buddy?


by tr_willk

submitted January 1st 2012

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Why the fuck would you post this here....ON MUCHOSUCKO..........
7 years ago
if you want to find the sinners, you have to go to the sin. that's why, in the old west, the church was next to the saloon.
7 years ago
my acountabillity buddy would be horrified daily
7 years ago
You would have to kill and bury your accountability buddy just so you are not thrown in jail.
7 years ago
x3 is funded by xxxchurch which are those faggots that think porn is bad and that god will save you from your 'addiction'
7 years ago
I'm sure X3 watch wouldn't want anyone looking at mucho.
7 years ago
This would be fun to do with a friend to see who could find the most fucked up site. On second thought, we should all get this and make yak our accountability buddy. He could have a "Top 5 Masturbators" list on the site.

6 years ago
"people that care about you... people you trust" And they put Wife on that list? These fuckers must be delusional
6 years ago
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