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This is what you can expect in 2016 bitches!


by Magawd

submitted December 30th 2011

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this is a walk in the park after we live through 2012
7 years ago
What a stupid, shitty video.
7 years ago
Is your mom still in California? I only ask because I have an idea... I'd like to track her down seduce her, then video tape me having my way with her so I can post it here. Get back to me when you can, I know you are very occupied with your dad and all *wink wink* and hey....no need to feel ashamed. What you do with him is your business and I am sure that somewhere there is a culture that is accepting of your homosexual incestuous relations.
7 years ago
I'm serious by the way, I want to fuck her so hard she loses a filling. Even if she is ugly it's ok I'll take one for the team because a video of that would just be so awesome.
7 years ago
I see you're still making close friends bonu.
7 years ago
If that's not a pwn I don't know what is. Boner probably cried for over a hour after reading that, then went on to break his favorite toy.
7 years ago
7 years ago
Bonos family couldn't afford toys so they just gave him bugs.
7 years ago
What, another four more years of the black man keeping me down?
7 years ago
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