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One of Beetlejuice's First TV Appearances.

Wish I could find the whole thing.


by SteeLxLiver

submitted December 28th 2011

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too short
6 years ago
meh, you're right.
6 years ago
i have a strange feeling tho, even though this is boring, the rest of it is boring squared...
6 years ago
i thought it was funny how they could'nt stop laughing at him
6 years ago
yea laughing at how people look is funny
6 years ago
do we not laugh at ever member who posts a pic myself included?
6 years ago
well thats different... you werent born super ugly and deformed... you just kinda present yourself that way...
6 years ago
i knew you wouldnt dissapoint
6 years ago
They should make a movie of Beetlejuice on shrooms.
6 years ago
Who?.. me?
RIP Sean
2 years ago
when did he die?
im so far removed from howard stern its sad
2 years ago
He died of a stroke in 2009
2 years ago
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