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Gift Wrapping, a rocket science

Old women are allways so nice.


by GreatDane

submitted December 24th 2011

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I wanna stick my gift in her box
6 years ago
carefull, you will become circumcised
6 years ago
umm, that happened a long ass time again

* DushanMandik sticks his gift in her box anyway *
6 years ago
I fucking hate people who call it "a scissors" or "a pliers".

It's a PAIR of scissors, you fat jabbering whore.
6 years ago
how is it a pair? there is only one.
6 years ago
*hands Hog a single plier..

6 years ago
i do enjoy the humor, but i work with hand tools on a daily basis. its just one of those things i never understood. the whole "pair" argument goes for many things.
6 years ago
I like her.
6 years ago
another fine example
5 years ago
nice work upvoting a failed youtube link...again.

what a bunch of faggots...
5 years ago
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