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It takes a harsh Mistress to inflict this punishment


this bitch fed him Taco Bell all day :(


by thecandiru

submitted December 24th 2011

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It takes a harsh Mistress to inflict this punishment
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This guy really hates his asshole
7 years ago
at least one other person does too
7 years ago
he hates his penis too
7 years ago
Now, I want to know this...

When this guy...thing, dude...wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror...how does he go on knowing that underneath the clothing and the smile is an asshole piercing sphincter stabbing cock-ringed lunatic?

Does this not upset him? Cause him to perhaps rethink his sexual actions?

Oh, well. This site would be nigh kaput without people like him.
7 years ago
Dear lord...
7 years ago
looks like a hot dog crescent.
7 years ago
Hmm, I'd like to shove a broom handle up that asshole with all the needles then really smack that cock hard with a Jokari paddle.
Doubt he would like it, and I can't say I would either. It just needs to be done.
7 years ago
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