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I like my eels fresh.


How do you like them?


by mamer

submitted December 17th 2011

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I like my eels fresh.
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Or whatever they are.
7 years ago
those are eels and I actually have a story about them
7 years ago
So I was maybe 6-8 years old. My uncle owned river front property (on a place called nassau sound. It was salt water and literally one of the best fishing spots). It was maybe 4-6pm in the evening, low tide and nothing biting except bottom feeders. We were catching a lot of eels, stingrays and catfish.

Since we were young, and these fish were dangerous-ish (they have teeth and poison barbs) we would do things like cut the tail off the stingrays, or stick a knife through the head of a catfish, and because eels would tangle lines, we'd just cut the head off.

I caught an eel and decided that instead of cutting his head off, I'd just take the hook out and let him go. This eel wasn't having any of that and fucking bit my finger. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. I took a brick and smashed that mother fucker so hard and repeatedly.

But that leads me to this question. Do those eels ever bite these chicks? That has to hurt getting bit in the vag
7 years ago
>MFW drumrave thinks any porn with squalid animals is real.
7 years ago
7 years ago
Drum fucks eels!
5 years ago
This is the kind of image that you sneak on to your friend's computer and set to the desktop background, and then walk by casually and say "Hey, I won't judge, bro."
7 years ago
When i was 15, a buddy did that (only tennis balls instead of eels) and my dad walked into my room just as i discovered it. That was an awkward talk we had after...
7 years ago
...foyndin' an entrance where they can...
7 years ago
Are they electric? and if so, are they AC or DC?
7 years ago
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