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Super WuTindo

the early 90s were awesome


by mistahmagic

submitted December 17th 2011

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lol at the tags, MM
6 years ago
cant comment on the vidya stuff though, seeing as how i decided to opt out of that whole racket in 95 or so...
...i dont diss ( or try not to anyway ) gamers in general...i just made a choice, and backed slowly away from "vidgames"...way back when

...i guess...i guess i'm already Entertained enuff?

6 years ago
Well really the point of the upload is that the voiceover is randomly done by RZA and the ad was apparantly banned/never aired
6 years ago
oh my god, it was banned?
6 years ago
in the early 90s there was a lot of hypersensitivity over anything that could be construed as gang related, because gang violence was at a high for a few years, i think the graffiti was too much
6 years ago
well, wow -here in sodak all we heard about was 2LiveCrew being the antichrist, with Tipper Gore being our moral savior
6 years ago
funny how Al doesnt let the Tipster out in public much these days...
6 years ago
uhh, possum, they got divorced cause al is a playboy
6 years ago
This another Banksy piece?

Sublime and contemporary, as always.
6 years ago
6 years ago
6 years ago
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