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Bad driving

Guy chases his bitch into a gas station with his car then he gets out and steals another customers car and tries to make a run for it only to crash again in incoming traffic


by bongwater

submitted December 15th 2011

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Those panelvans will stop anything.
7 years ago
That was a nice Tundra.

So like banks give idiots loans for things they don't respect and can't afford..

Who knew???
7 years ago
Yeah...i have an '01 Tundra and would have traded him if he only took a time out
7 years ago
So banks should decide who gets to borrow money & for what?

If you want to borrow money, not only do you have to show you can afford to pay it back, you need to show what you want to buy & why to need it? That shouldn't take too much more time to process each application and review the intended purchases to help form a decision. It wont increase the costs to the bank & therefore increase the interest rates.

That sounds reasonable.

Fucking idiot!
7 years ago
"Here are the interest rates, ^ here are the valuation fees for us to review your intended purchase. Please pay the valuation fee for us to review your intended purchase before we can decide to accept your application"

7 years ago
i think you missed the spirit in which mr roland's comment was intended..mainly as sarcasm.Pipe down little lord fauntleroy.
7 years ago
I have an '02 Silverado and am looking to upgrade. Tundra I want is 35-38k new. Pretty steep, might have to find a slightly used one.

Oj won't respond as he's busy bathing in self-importance, drying himself off with "intelligence", and following it up with a quick dusting of Powder of Pompousity+1 he bought off a back alley professor.

Pretentious cunt.
7 years ago
He's black you idiots. It's a lease.
7 years ago
What wont I respond to you fucking forest dweller?

What you said was fucking retarded & you know it.
7 years ago
Instead of claiming 'sarcasm', explain how what you said isn't fucking stupid, as I showed earlier, dickhead.

You're the one who is always bitching about how the system works, and a way you think it could be improved is by making the banks decide who should be given money based on what they want to buy.

Exactly how much do you think banks should babysit fucktards like you? You, and all the other fuckheads need to take responsibility for your own actions.
7 years ago
Your first "sentence" is retarded... Ass hole dweller.
7 years ago
I never said banks should babysit fucktards that's not their job, but ethical lending should be something they consider from time to time. Here's a little story you might like. Recently spoke to a head mortgage lender about a loan. I have good credit and zero debt. He immediately tried to qualify me for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage deal where my monthly payments would be around 40% of my monthly net income. Pushed it like a shitty used car salesman, in fact. Deplorable and unethical to say the least as it should run 25-30%. I COULD have afforded it, but just barely... for thirty fucking years. I called him on it, and he responded, "Oh well we take our figures from your gross income..". So they include money you never even fucking see in accounting what you can afford monthy? (I pay a ton of fucking taxes which makes this shit extra laughable.) Charlatans!

Oh, and you posted your yearly income here the other day if I remember correctly. If you adjust for the horrible cost of fuel and housing on your tiny island, I make more than you.

Suck on that, limeboy!
7 years ago
tldr -
ps - when is The Twelve coming out?
7 years ago
Brilliant. You saw how much I make, but you failed to see what it is I do for a living? I work in the mortgage division of the #1 lender in the whole of Europe. What a nice little example you used, kinda within my fucking speciality. I know exactly how the underwriting is done. If people want to lend more than they could reasonably afford to repay, they will be refused a mortgage.

Maybe in your country where it is illegal to dance, you have people trying to sign other people like you upto mortgages they can't afford, but not here. It's a little disconcerting considering that it's lending to people in the US who couldn't afford to repay the mortgage is what fucked up almost the entire global economy. How fucking reckless are you as a country?!?!? Thanks for the warning.

Oh, & you may have seen that banks like to motivate their employees with bonuses. I get mine quarterly, but I only posted my basic salary on here, so no, you don't.

7 years ago
She shouldn't have taken the last cigarette.
7 years ago
damn nigga! now i can't make my bread run! dumb ass whitey!
7 years ago
America <3
7 years ago
that one asshole just stood there and got run over, what a moron
7 years ago
I assumed it was stolen when I saw he was black!! :) Then, when he stole the durango and wrecked that also, I automatically assumed I had been right.....
7 years ago
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