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Its not far to Never-Never land....STRAIGHT DOWN!


by ClaudeBallz

submitted December 10th 2011

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I hope those people know how to swim
6 years ago
2 of them didnt.
6 years ago
i hate chriscross ,even to this day, soo much that i would gladly do another 15 months in ClubFed for one clean shot at his puffy lil fag chin
6 years ago
Sailing...take me away...
6 years ago
...to where I heard...
6 years ago
i was down town when that happened. i thin only 2 people died our of th 13 or so that was on the boat.

by the timei got to penns landing the cops had blocke dit all off so we couldnt see what happened.
6 years ago
Wow, thanks for your valuable contribution to the post. Your keen insight will undoubtably provide countless hours of frenzied discussion.
Or, you just wasted 26 seconds of life posting that. It could go either way.
6 years ago
Love you, brah
6 years ago
Shut up faggot. Don't disrespect drunk-Morph.
6 years ago
Why not? Fuck you.
6 years ago
HI ANCORON! how you been?
6 years ago
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