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Until They Become Conscious..

".. they can never rebel." -Orwell


by Rolandofgilead

submitted December 9th 2011

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So.. poor people are fucking moochers and are a strain on the federal govt.

7 years ago
Of that 47% not paying a dime of Federal Income Tax, how many are executives for GE?
7 years ago
or any billionaires for that matter
7 years ago
or fortune 500 companies
7 years ago
Actually GE not paying any corporate taxes has nothing to do with how much taxes their executives pay. I would agree that the rule they use sucks and must be altered.

Open disclosure: I own GE debt, stock, and bonds.
7 years ago
Also the guy talking in this video is gay. His name is Wanko.
(hi buddy)
7 years ago
Corporations are people, Kirk.
7 years ago
If I was gonna make videos I'd do the opposite... I'd blame the rich for everything, encourage higher taxes, make a big deal about helping the poor and providing prescription drugs and such.

And then I'd sit back and wait for my walmart/big tobacco/credit card company/etc. stocks to go up.
7 years ago
They Live
7 years ago
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