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If you've played skyrim

you might give this a laugh.


by Hambam

submitted December 8th 2011

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no , i didnt give this a laugh

at all...
7 years ago
I gave it a 'wtf is going on here' the first time I saw it.
7 years ago
fries took an arrow to the knee, then lost his sense of humor
7 years ago
see below
7 years ago
the prank was enjoyable the first time without the skyrim
7 years ago
i just dont see what the 'skyrim' connection is
7 years ago
theirs a shout you get in the game that blows people away...people are syncing that sound to real life videos of people or things being blasted. It's a meme in the making.... "Fus Ro Dah"
7 years ago
7 years ago
it's a stupid meme in the making then. it took away from the prank itself.
7 years ago
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