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will ferrel

besides phil collins or bill brufod hes aboot the best


by dik

submitted December 6th 2011

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7 years ago
shut up
7 years ago
didnt you post that carl palmer video?..i like carl but that was the worst drum solo ive ever seen besides that pathetic john bonham one and your mother is a slut
7 years ago
nope, that wasnt me...
...i posted the justin bieber drum vid
7 years ago
drumrave said he was better
7 years ago
i don't like him...stupid fucking backwards hat
7 years ago
I don't like you...stupid fucking engine avatar.
7 years ago
where's will ferrel?
7 years ago
Up your mom.
7 years ago
5 years ago
I could do that if I had mantits and I wanted to bore the shit out of people.
7 years ago
7 years ago
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