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Lemmywinks' Cousin


A whole new adventure begins.


by -Morph-

submitted December 5th 2011

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Poor fucker really doesn't want to go in there.
6 years ago
i don't blame him i wouldn't want to go in there either
6 years ago
she uses a dildo to get the mouse in? LMFAO
6 years ago
is it just me or would this be more enjoyable to watch if it was her butt?
6 years ago
btw 2:59
6 years ago
I have inserted live Mice into my ass and it's something that drives you to do again and again
4 years ago
I can't tell if that's an open-ended tube or if it's closed-off at the other end.
6 years ago
Good way to get salmonella
6 years ago
if you close the tube and then fuck her up the ass, it would be a hell of a ride for poor little feivel.
6 years ago
haha so the pussycat caught the mouse
6 years ago
you can tell that mouse doesn't love her
6 years ago
Gay Mouse. Fucked up viddy.
5 years ago
Wow, very Hot !!!
4 years ago
4 years ago
2 years ago
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