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by jrob2020

submitted November 30th 2011

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It pains me to say this, but repost. =/
6 years ago
meh,i searched trombone
6 years ago
I'm sure it's tagged for shit, but you don't forget something like this. Drum will probably locate it.
6 years ago
that guy sucks ass at trombone
6 years ago
Seriously. Worst version of Yankee Doodle I've ever heard, and God knows that's saying something.
6 years ago
fucking drumrave.
6 years ago
My big question is how did they get the use of a Murcielago for a shoot of that nature in that shitty neighborhood?
6 years ago
Rich people do weird shit with their money.
6 years ago
Now that shit is DAMN mucho!
6 years ago
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