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Sue from "How's Your News" sings karaoke

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by xzekiel

submitted November 29th 2011

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It hurt me tagging this with retard. This woman's awesome.
6 years ago
the face reminds me of tom cruise off of Vanilla Sky.
6 years ago
Look at that.....26 minutes in and he found the reply button on the first comment. Even though it had nothing to do with what I said, I applaud you sir. Welcome.
6 years ago
He's light years ahead of most.
6 years ago
he apparently quit while he was ahead
6 years ago
Your shit is a repost!
6 years ago
Doesn't surprise me, but at least now it's tagged with some applicable shit.
6 years ago
yet another repost just minutes away from getting featured...what are YOU going to do about it???
6 years ago
Gale Boetticher would be proud.
6 years ago
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