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Win Compilation

"People are awesome"


by xzekiel

submitted November 28th 2011

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I guess I'll upvote it.

I don't wantto call repost although this seems HELLA familiar.
6 years ago
Not under 'compilation.'
6 years ago
Could be the bad music.
6 years ago
I had to mute the song to enjoy the WIN vids..
6 years ago
it's not *that* bad...
6 years ago
A fair number of these are fake, and a few are part of commercials and viral ad campaigns.
6 years ago
I can't decide which is more fun to watch... People owning, or people getting owned.
6 years ago
Feels strange watching something like this on mucho without the gore and mutilations, but i kinda enjoyed it.
6 years ago
as much as I like to see people get there ass handed to them that was pretty cool
6 years ago
holy fuck - hi nosfed
4 years ago
3:48 was definitely fail...
6 years ago
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